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SCA related news

As posted in the Shire mailing list. I plan on being there. Knock wood.

Coming up this next Wed at the Shire Meeting, Duchess Caileen will be teaching her class on how to write letters of recommendation. As you know when their Majesties were here for Sea March Anniversary they expressed wishes to hear from Shire members about the accomplishments and good deeds of others to be expressed to them before Yule so those so deserving could be rewarded. We encourage you to come to the meeting and also to bring to our attention anyone you feel should be written for. We are also compiling a new phone and contact list. Those of you interested in adding your information please come to the meeting or email me at Emeraldgardens@aol.com. If you have any suggestions for events or demos or any concerns please feel free to contact me with your questions or comments.

I posted recently about some stolen SCA type jewelry. This update on a description comes today:

I believe I can recall Master Ambrose’s pelican medallion; it is silver, slightly convex, almost Swedish-Modern in style, with a red cabachon stone, probably a garnet, at the breast. Master Hrorek wore it for many years before passing it along to Allaine, and it holds sentimental value that the thief could never know.

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