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From of the SCA lists I'm on:

Mistress Allaine de Beaumont of Glastonbury, a long-time Caidan had her house recently burglarized in Hemet. It would appear that the thieves were after jewelry as they took every necklace and earring she had including all of her kingdom awards. The only item left was the very large “chain of office” denoting her role as Baronial Exchequer (they also left the baronial checkbook).

In her own words:

What is most upsetting is the two Pelican Medallions that are gone. One was carved bone that was brought to me from New Zealand by Master Damales. The one that was completely irreplaceable was a large silver medallion, about 3 inches across an unusually thick, on a thick silver chain. The Pelican is stylized in almost art-deco way. It was made by Master Ambrose who made the first set of Caidan crowns. I guess it was almost as old as Caid. I received it from the ever kind and generous Master Hrorek who had it for a very long time. I was hoping to pass on this piece of history to someone someday but its gone now. (So sorry Hrorek, I feel I let you down.) So if any of you see it on Ebay or other such places could you let me know?

I haven’t seen pictures or drawings yet, but if some are made available, I will post them. If anyone trips across these at ebay or similar, will you pass it on?

In similar news, a friend and coworker was recently robbed of a great number of sentimental and heirloom pieces. If I get descriptions, drawings or photos, I’ll post these here as well.


Update: this additional description has been provided.

I believe I can recall Master Ambrose's pelican medallion; it is silver, slightly convex, almost Swedish-Modern in style, with a red cabachon stone, probably a garnet, at the breast. Master Hrorek wore it for many years before passing it along to Allaine, and it holds sentimental value that the thief could never know.
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