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FLYLADY: Morning Musing: Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

Dear Friends,

Today is not just about the United States memorizing the people who died in the attacks of September 11th. Everyone around the world has been hurt by those senseless acts terrorism, other terrorist activity and even the threat of terrorism.

I for one will not allow those bad people to change the way I live each day. I am thankful for the men and women around the world who keep a vigilant eye on our safety: First Responders, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Airport Security Screeners and the military personal serving their countries. It is not just these people who need our appreciation. It is all of us. Each of us walk though our lives with air of alertness now.

We can be watchful without living in fear. The name terrorist is synonymous with putting fear into hearts. Fear is the opposite of love. I believe this with all my heart. Today as our own special memorial I would like for you to spread a little love around your part of this great big world. We like to call it Paying It Forward. If you have not watched this movie then rent it. It has a powerful message. If you have the movie, watch it again.

Small random acts of kindness are more powerful than evil. We can change the world with these simple actions of love. Actions speak louder than words. Today there will be speeches by many people in the public eye giving thanks to the heroes of September 11th Tragedies. We should not forget these folks but the best memorial we can give to them is a loving action done from the goodness of our hearts.

Just this past week my dear mother-in-love was blessed by a random act of kindness. She was in the grocery store admiring some peaches. She commented to the young lady next to her that they were just too expensive since our Easter freeze. All through the grocery store she kept bumping into her. As she walked out of the grocery store the young lady placed a small bag with four peaches in her grocery cart and took off to her car before my mother-in-love could protest or thank her.

When you do something out of the kindness in your heart it blesses everyone even when no one knows but you. Bless the world today by Paying it Forward.

FLYing is all about loving yourself. This act alone frees you to love others!
Our prayers are with the unsung heroes of then and now. May God Bless each and every one of us with a loving heart filled with compassion and consideration.


P.S. Today is my son’s 33rd birthday. For those of you who have children born on this day! Celebrate the joy of their birth. I will not allow the terrorist to steal the joy from him or me!

Reprinted entirely without permission from the FlyLady, emphasis mine. Somehow I don’t think she’d mind.

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