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Kitty Loves

From my friend from my former church:

This is my last hope to find a home for one last kitty. We have placed 9 kittens and neutered and spayed the parents and returned them to the outdoors. I have driven 3 of these kittens to Virginia to give them a home with a relative. And I have kept two of them myself (against my better judgement and much to the consternation of my two older cats).

This last kitty only has one more week in a “foster” home and it has to leave there by the middle of next week. And I have no where to take him other than to try to find a shelter that will fit him in (and most shelters are not taking any more kitties right now).

We have neutered this little “boy” who may be “about” 6 or 7 months old, who is very very sweet, who loves to be cuddled and who has a very active “purr motor”. We think this one was in someone’s home for a time because it adapted quickly to human touch.

Please pass this to everyone you can think of as we have come so far to give them all good homes, and we don’t want to leave this sweetie behind. Thanks for reading this.

This is the sweetie of which we speak:

If you know anyone who could use the kitty loves, please let me know, and I’ll make the introductions.

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