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Down Syndrome Assistance in San Diego

I have a friend in San Diego who has a child with Down Syndrome. He and his wife found that local resources were slimmer than you’d expect. So …

Lisa helped form a non profit organization here in San Diego with some other parents of Down syndrome kids. They’ve convinced the local Children’s hospital to start a DS clinic at the hospital. Lisa is the president of the non profit, DS Action. This should help a lot of the DS children here in San Diego. Many of the pediatricians here in SD don’t necessarily know what they should be looking for in kids who have Down syndrome.

If you could take a few minutes and write a blog post linking to their website, I’d appreciate it. Their search engine ranking really sucks. www.dsaction.org If you could mention Down Syndrome and San Diego, that would be great.

I would appreciate it if you would also spread the word. These are good people doing good things, and they could really use a hand. Thanks.

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