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Free transit in Denver

I’m reasonably sure I don’t have any LJ buddies in Denver, but do I have any friends-of-friends there? Reason I ask is that in the decluttering process, I have come across two 10-ride Local service RTD ticketbooks, and since the kids' father no longer resides in the area, I won’t likely use these before they expire 31 December.

Therefore, I need to find someone to give these to. I don’t need anything in exchange, I just need to get them to someone who’ll use them. Each booklet still has 7 tickets left in it.

“10-Ride ticketbooks contain coupons for 10 one-way rides on Local/Limited routes and are worth $1.50 toward travel on Express, Regional, and SkyRide routes. Also valid on Light Rail in 2 Fare Zones (AB, BC, or CD).”

Details - http://rtd-denver.com/

So, gimme an address and they’re on their way.

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