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Evolution of my SCA heraldry submissions

Once upon a long time ago (well okay last year) my local herald forwarded some of my ideas to a heraldry mailing list, so to make it easier for them to peek at what I was talking about, I put my ideas and drafts into web pages.

This page wasn't up for long. It didn't take long to realize that 1) thumbnails would be a good thing, and b) the designs that used blue just kind of sucked. I hit it square on for name, so the next several stages were about device and badge alone.

These were my serious candidates for submission.

After lots of pondering and sticking print-outs all over the house and consulting with friends, and all that other stuff heralds suggest, these became the short list of likely devices and badges.

And finally I decided on these right here. And then they sat around. And kept sitting around. I just didn't get around to submitting them.

Then I went to Gulf Wars, and something surprising happened.

So, as I understand it, wartime submissions can take awhile. I've heard projections from 1.5 years to 3 years. That's cool by me, though. Slow results beat no results, and guess which kind I was getting so far.
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