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Kittens need homes

Got another email from a friend from my former church, regarding placing kittens. If you know somebody who needs kitteh love, please let me know, and we'll connect up.
[We] have rescued and domesticated another four feral kittens from under the Caridad Center's outside storage shed [Delray]. They are now warm and cuddly, love to purr and be held. They cannot stay in my extra bathroom forever, they need good homes, and now they are ready to go and be loved. They are "about" two months old, use the litter box, eat regular food, and love to roll and play. We hope this is the end as we trapped and neutered the Daddy and we hope to do the Mommy soon. Can you pass this along to anyone local so maybe we can find more good homes???

Here they are in their various poses . . . pardon the blur in some of the photos . . . . hard to get little kitties to hold still.


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