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Apropos nothing ...

Tent lust again. Someone in the Kingdom is selling a GP Small. Dammit. I just hope that when I -am- able, timing will be with me.

I'm making a list of the major types of tech support. Do you think I hit them all?

1. The Basics
2. PC Support
3. Internet
4. Software
5. Hardware
6. Networking

Recent LOLs:


More consumer lust. I'm afflicted. Filing away for future use - I passionately one of everything from this store, except:
Map of the Internet (Poster Print)
No Raptors
Just Shy

It'll pass, of course.

I told my older kid that I'm rejoining Bob's D&D game. That's the one that's been going on for more than 10 years. It's been a couple of them since I last played. Do I told him that if I have to roll up a new character, I think I'll do something different and have a character with like a charisma of 20, if I can munchkin that. Told him I want him to be a sort of Captain Jack.

He said, "Okay but make sure he does the silly run." I blinked silently until I realized he was talking Captain Jack Sparrow. I was talking Captain Jack Harkness. Shyeah, Sparrow with a charisma of 20! Ha!

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