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Who can deny this face?

I have a friend who is moving out of state and is moving in with allergic people, so her sweetie-pie cannot also go. It's broken hearts all around.
Just the thought of giving her away breaks my heart. I adore her to pieces. ... The vet thinks she's not quite two. She's been spayed. She has all of her shots. She's sweet and affectionate and quite the lap kitty. She's very good, though she is convinced that she's starving, so she'll run off with your food if you give her the slightest opening. She's playful and talkative, and she actually has no idea that she's a cat. She meets me at the door like a dog; she follows me like a puppy; she sits on my shoulder while I'm at the computer like a parrot.

She's very cuddly. She likes to sit in laps, and unfortunately she also likes to sleep on heads. She really does like to be close. She never claws anything except her scratch toy thing, and she'll play with you for hours. She NEVER quits first. Oh and she fetches. It's cute.

And here she is in all of her calico cuteness. The first one, the face close up, I took the day I brought her home. The last one, of her on top of the hutch with the pictures and plant, I took yesterday morning. If you know anyone... She really does need a good home. She's a lovely sweet pet and makes a great little companion.

I really wish she could come stay with me, but we really, truly can't take on one more.

Anyone who knows someone good who could use precious kitty love, please let me know and I'll connect you up.
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