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I don't know thalassak but the following just rocks:
Hello everyone,

I did not know if anyone had posted to Tri-temp about the Silent auction that is being held at TMT.

We are trying to raise money for Mo (apprenticed to M. Elfwyn and M. Warjina) who was in a very bad car accident the night after Coronation (March 30) and has been in the hospital since.

As for my own part, I'm not a great crafty person but I am a great gofer. I am putting myself up for bidding to rent myself out as a minion for a weekend Trimarian event (no wars, please) of the winner choice. I will drive myself to the event, pay my own way and then wait upon the winner for the whole time. I come with a plate of the winners favorite cookies and I am a dedicated task oriented minion. I've got good references!

Check out my livejournal. I made some ads with youtube. Fun stuff!





Please come and support a Trimarian in need. Thanks.


Can't make it for TMT this time, sadly, but I would definitely bid if I could. Help get the word out, if you would, please. Sounds like a fantastic cause. And go see the ads; they're entertaining.

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