Spring Dew (springdew) wrote,
Spring Dew

Not now ...

Oh god I feel ill. I woke up with a hangover-esque headache, although I didn't drink anything to get one. Now I've got a lurchin' in me wame. I'm queasy. Quite.

Now is so not a good time.

reebar, we leave early in the morning tomorrow. wlofie gets to come along, as his doctor says his hand isn't ready for him to return to work until the 19th or so, depending. We're going down to Margate at zero dark thirty hours so that we can pick up our passenger at 5. We play Tetris with the cargo, and then we hit the road.

Thank you for Witch of the Westmerland. I tried to find that a few months ago but didn't remember enough clues to do a decent search.
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