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Coming up for air, gasping, and down again ...

Stuff I wrote yesterday but didn't get to post. Pre-loading browser; it's still crazy.


"... my mood is swinging like a trapeze artist on crystal meth."

Courtesy k8mnstr to whom I say I'm sorry that it was, but it's funny how you say it. *sending huge hugs* Hope you get, as my brother used to say, a piece of quiet.


We got bludgeoned today. Absolutely battered. Not quite as bad as that one day last week, but still pretty bad. Therefore I saved things up for this very post! They are not presented in the order they were saved.

*snert* This must be the silliest thing I've seen in a long while. Thanks wlofie!

Mommy want.

Who knew? Buffet's been practicing poly since '77.


More Fall Coronation notes:

I was witness to pop exam at 1:00 AM. This was incredibly funny, but I don't know how to tell the context. Suffice it to say that any jest can become action rather precipitously. Be careful, lest ye jest too hard and the red pen emerge.

Medieval people must have been bone-ass bored. Otherwise, why the incredibly complicated dances? I love dance, but I wonder if I'll ever get these down. These are highly methodical dances, checklist dances. Rote memorization is important. I am geared more for dances that have an overall gist that you can adapt as necessary. You know, the kind of dances that don't involve mental memory, but rather muscle memory. Once I've caught on to the flow of the dance, I can generally run with it from there.

I'm done with belts with dresses. It don't feel right and on me it don't look right either. I'll keep my belt for boy clothes. That works.

Gate duty rocks. Everyone agrees. Especially the kids. You get to meet people and make a little idle chatter, but never too much, on account of people need to move along. You're the first face they see at the event. You get to see how they're hauling their gear, and wonder if that'll work for you. You get to see people you know and find out where they're gonna be, or tell them where you are camped. Between cars you get to hang out with interesting people, like Taz, who rules the who Troll Gate arena, and the offbeat sorts he attracts. Such fun people.
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