Spring Dew (springdew) wrote,
Spring Dew

Life in Punnovia

grrwoo ... then [when $product is rolled out] there'll be unicorns frolicking in the fields. Any further questions?

springdew How many unicorns do we get?

grrwoo It's Windows, so we get one.

springdew ... Uh, okay. With Unix we'd get six or seven?

grrwoo Yeah, but they're Unixcorns.

springdew I'm seeing like a My Little Pony with a red hat --

grrwoo With a horn sticking out of it --

springdew And a tattoo of Tux on its ass.

grrwoo What a great product!

springdew Better look it up to see if it exists ... Ah, Unixcorn is somebody's email address.

grrwoo Yeah, at Georgia Perimeter University.

springdew Gerogia Perimeter University?!?! What, they're scattered around the edges?

grrwoo They're a fringe university.
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