September 7th, 2012

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Halloween Costumes out of Space and Time

So we’ve got a bit less than two months to prepare for Halloween. Do you know what you’d like to be this year? Sites abound that will tell you how to dress like a core Doctor Who character, but I’m more interested in the various other characters in the Whoniverse, especially monsters. Here are some ideas:

Family of Blood Scarecrow

This is probably going to be me this year. It’s affordable to make and also not too confusing for the non Doctor Who fans I may encounter. These scarecrows are the ones that Son of Mine made to attack a boys’ school in 1913.


Haemovores are sort of aquatic vampires from the future, whom the Doctor and Ace encountered during World War II. They start off looking like us, but the more time they spend underwater, the more suckery and barnacle covered they get. This leaves room for possibility. A brand new haemovore can just have messy hair and ridiculously long nails. One that’s been under the water awhile can have suckers and barnacles and historical clothing as well.

Nanogene (Empty Child Plague) Victim

These are the people the Doctor and Rose met who were affected by mis-programmed microscopic medical robots, also during World War II. Of course the vital bit of this costume is a gas mask more or less similar to the one depicted. Of less importance but helpful is clothing that passes for the period. Here’s a quick lookup for gas masks on Google Shopping. Here’s how someone adapted an Israeli model to resemble the above.

Weeping Angel

These are the angels the Doctor encountered with Martha in our time and later with Amy and River at the crash site of the Byzantium. They feed on energy released by zapping people back in time and can only move (really really fast!) when not seen. This one takes a bit more construction but the author includes lots of images and details.

Time Lord

This was going to be me last year but I didn’t get a method for the headpieces figured out. I still very much want to do it, but it may have to wait until I have more time. Ha. For those who haven’t met them, the Time Lords, the Doctor’s people, in this context refers to those who were in charge of keeping time nice and orderly, before they got into the final time war with the Daleks.

Soothsayer of the Sibylline Sisterhood

These are the psychic sisters intrigued by the Doctor’s presence in Pompeii. Another rather easy one, consisting mostly of a red riding hood and makeup. I’d be really tempted to do this one this year, but sensitive skin, alas.

Catkind (Nurse Cat Nun or Brannigan)

Feline people from the New Earth Empire. Prosthetics or really good facial makeup would be required for the feline bit but the rest is pretty malleable. Obviously a nun costume for a nun or aviator outfit for Brannigan, or any other clothes for various Catkind stuck in the Gridlock.

Not an exhaustive list, but more as I think of/encounter them.

I did skip the dozens of Dalek and TARDIS dresses, gorgeous as they are, because they’re easy to find and more fun, to me, for occasions other than Halloween.

Have fun!

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