August 26th, 2012

sca - medieval lady archer

THE Tool for Circular Gallifreyan

If you’re writing Circular Gallifreyan using the Sherman method, you might just fall in love with this tool:

The very day I got it, my teenager had confiscated it within the hour and I had to get another one. I’m a circle drawing fiend now! All sizes. You don’t just get to do the circles that are stenciled there – there are tiny holes radiating from the 0 so you can make even bigger circles in very fine fractions of an inch. My writing has gotten much prettier as a result. Endorsement!

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sca - medieval lady archer

Transportation Update

Lots of news in transportation lately.

The Vitch is now mostly brought up to spec. I overlooked the neutral light so this is being done now, as is the reupholstering of the seat. I have been lax. What has been done:

  • Front brake cable replaced.
  • Clutch cable replaced.
  • Carbuerator de-rusted and adjusted.
  • Rewiring of entire electrical system.
  • Front and rear blinkers installed.
  • Both tires replaced. The rear tube was new so only the front tube was replaced.

My mechanic is highly capable, honest, and kindly. I highly recommend him.

Mickey is overdue for some detailing and it’s time for routine maintenance. The reflective tape I applied years ago is peeling now so it’s time to pull it off. Since I’m thinking of trading her in on a bigger scooter, I may not replace the tape.

I also want to do some cosmetic things like touch up the little scrapes and replace the factory decals and emblems. I already have touch-up paint and have just ordered new decals and emblems from, my go-to source for Yamaha parts. The emblem thing may seem stupid, but a lot of time in the sun has caused the ones I have to go black, and that’s kind of icky. These little details help a lot on presentation. I’ll be conditioning all the black plastic and shining up the chrome as well.

Not long ago it was announced that FrontRunner South will be operating in December. Gotta say I’m excited about this, though it’s hard to quantify why, since life as it is now would not be that very affected. For instance, it won’t be running on Sunday, so it won’t help my trip to church any, should I ever get Sundays off. It may help me avoid being late when I do stuff in Murray, as my last four trips up there have been delayed by traffic jams on the freeway. Oh, it would simplify getting to the airport considerably.

I guess I know why, the real reason. I just love trains, doggone it, and love any chance to get more exposure to them. One of the places I lived as a kid had train tracks right through the back yard and I loved that. It was awesome!

Squee over … The coming of FrontRunner means changes to the rest of the UTA transit system in integrating it, and lately there was a series of public hearings to lay out the plans and get public comment. I went to the one in American Fork. Most of the info had already been available online but some of it had not, so it was really good I made it. Express bus routes to SLC are going to be canceled or entirely re-purposed and new routes are springing up, to include a few to the new Adobe building and IM Flash (which in my family is known as Aperture Science – long story).

More system means more exploring, although I still haven’t gotten around to checking out the bus to Payson yet.

Delta Airlines is on my spit list. The week before my kid graduated boot camp, the ticket price for SLC to ORD was $400 but I didn’t have the green light to get it. The week of, I had the green light, but not the money for the now $700 ticket. The day after, I received an alert that the ticket price had gone to $214.


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