August 27th, 2008

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Home ownership sucks

The water heater started giving off a new smell last night. Took us some time to track down where it was coming from. We shut down the power to it, but it's still making the smell. We kept it isolated in a small area for the night and this morning we're using a fan and the bathroom ventilation to try to pull it out. Meanwhile it's hot water on the stove and cold showers for us.

Family is gonna need to sleep somewhere else tonight, if I can't get someone in to deal with it today. Will start making calls at 7:30.
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I know how to use the intarwebz ...

... but I'm not so great at diagnosing connection stuff.

This looks kind of bad to me, although the last few times I actually had problems, the download was a 4-digit number starting with 2 and the upload was a 4-digit number starting with 1. The latency, however, was -also- a 4-digit number starting with 1. I usually use instead of

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I write and write

These "essay exams" that are 95% essay and 5% exam are exhausting. The prof of the class wherein I got the 77 on a midterm (Sociology of the Workplace) expressed shock that so many of us scored under 80. He tossed it back at us for a do-over, with more elaboration on what sorts of stuff he's looking for, due Friday. I've been working on this since Monday. It's essentially 5 short papers, with citations and everything, all in one document.

Yesterday my Human Motivation prof emailed me the midterm. I haven't even looked at it yet, but from its mention in the syllabus it appears very much the same sort of thing The fact that I have two weeks to work on it bears that out. Gonna be a bit of a tiring week, as I still have regular classwork, too. Discussion board is really, really heavy on research and composition. Again, posts are much more like short papers than the give and take of discussion as I'm used to it.

Anyone who says that online and CD-ROM courses are a joke should take these and see how funny it is.
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Metal and maintenance

Via @twistedmonk: Steel Panther. Warning - it's Myspace; yes, there is autoplay sound.

In other news, these folks are fantastic and I highly recommend them. Not only are they quite competent and professional, but they're courteous and kind as well.


Bishop Plumbing Company, LLC
3099 Seagrape Road
Lantana, FL 33462


Air Conditioning

Cool World
1106 N G St # D
Lake Worth, FL 33460
(561) 585-5810‎
sca - medieval lady archer

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