July 24th, 2008


Bank of America ...

... has obtained $140 of my hard-earned money through some really shady looking tactics. When I ask them to explain just how it is that Tuesday night, with pending transactions, I have a balance of $190 and then Wednesday morning with no new transactions I am then overdrafted, they have lots of hand-waving and mixed-around dates about the order that transactions occurred in that do not in any way match the display in online banking. They have a definition of "done" and "posted" that not only don't apply to the transactions I'm looking at, but apply differently to credits than they do debits. If they're going to hold me accountable to a series of events, I need to be able to see them. It's not ethical, and not very likely legal, to show me one thing and then penalize me for something different.

They won't refund the overdraft fees.

If there's another class-action suit, I am definitely in.
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Banking, still

So, I'm out sick today due to digestive instability disaster. In between the, um, ramifications, I am also looking at banks so that I can end the ass-raping relationship that I have with my current one.


- Online bill pay with e-bill
- No-fee checking (either with direct deposit or automatic transfer or whatever)
- Online statements
- Overdraft protection
- WYSIWYG statement/transaction history (in other words, no hocus-pocus)

Earning interest would be nice, too, but I don't generally expect that in a checking account. In fact, institutions get extra credit for:

- Interest
- Payees already on file (so I don't have to fill in addresses etc. for the phone company or major creditors)
- Built-in overdraft protection (that I don't have to sign up for)
- Easy to find routing numbers

That's all I can think of under the circumstances. With that, a poll.

Poll #1229024 Banking

Which bank is your favorite?

What do you like most about them?

What do you like least about them?

What bank is your least favorite?

What do you like least about them?

What redeeming charactistics, if any, are there about them?

What is the most ridiculous thing you can think of to tell me right now?

The poll is viewable by me only in case you'd rather not let the whole Intarwebz know with whom you bank. Gracias!

Edit : I should have said "bank or credit union" above. CUs are on the table too. Frankly, I didn't realize the difference until today. So please tell about your CU if you belong to one, pretty please? Thanks!
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Fantastic cake

In other news, my innards seem to be behaving now. Another reason I feel better: the jester has arrived. I was suffering from pre-minstrel syndrome.
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More leftovers

It seems to have been Foul Mood Day for lots of people on LJ, not just me.  <3 everyone - thank goodness everything passes.

In between things I've been looking at bank websites here and there. IBM Southeast Federal Credit Union gets bonus points for putting a real live interactive role-play demo of online bill pay on their site, as opposed to the banks I looked at, which showed slides or movies.

The rest of this stuff is leftovers from earlier in the week:

I've been waffling on whether to participate in Blogathon this year (or Day of Blogs, as the official Blogathon is taking this year off).  I'm pretty overloaded, but I -could- be blogging about the stuff I'm overloaded doing.  It could be possible.

Charities with which I am affiliated:

Food for the Poor
Boca Helping Hands
Campaign for Burma
Danny's Angels (a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Light-The-Night Team)

For tryss - recordings of the Gamer Symphony Orchestra.

Gulf Wars coincides with FCATs on the school calendar again next year. I wanted to work something out with the school to get the kids sprung for the event, but there's no way the school's going to work with me on that.