February 4th, 2008

sca - medieval lady archer

PSA: Anonymous protest

It appears that Event #191 of a very large protest by Anonymous against Scientology will be held in WPB on Sunday 10 Feb 08 at 11 AM. I gather that the overall protest will be at 11 AM locally in each place.

If you participate or spectate or have been thinking about doing so, go to that site and read all the information first so that you know how to do it safely and well.
sca - medieval lady archer

Two birthdays

Happy birthday tanuki_green!

Thanks to so many people who wished me well for my birthday yesterday, and most especially to those who showed up to help celebrate, even though there was no karaoke after all. We still had a blast - my younguns, wlofie and spc476, daughterofodin, my Fatally Depressed Coworker, davefll and his LJ-less SO, alanya and kires. We wound up enjoying fine German food and beverage, and watching a game that turned out to be really enjoyable. For football. I exchanged play-by-play with reebar via text messaging, which got pretty funny during the exciting bits. Depressed Coworker surprised and pleased me by bringing me the birthday hat I'd made for him two years ago. The tradition just might change now. Instead of making a new birthday hat for each birthday, we might just pass this one round and round, hobbit-stylee.

(daughterofodin - here's that song I was talking about. However, JoCo is not about covers. Here's his repertoire for samples of his other stuff. It's pretty varied. I had nine of these on that disk.)

I had a completely pain-free, nearly stress-free day. Having been up late with the South Florida Fair and then the faulty air conditioning Saturday night (though wlofie and the younger kid were up far later than me with the latter), I discarded my previous plan to visit a church of my choosing and instead slept in.

At a luxurious 11 AM, I entered the recently scoured bathtub (bunny42 and I having worked on it in turns for some time now) with a mug of coffee, a bowlful of bunny42's fantastic truffles, and a novel. I did not emerge again until well after 3 PM. That, my friends, is decadence.

The rest of the day, I performed no chores. I hurried no places. I did no great amount of walking. I did drop off the object of the younger's affection, who had been hanging out at the house. I then took him to get a mouse for his snake. There was some primping and preening for the evening, but really, so relaxed! Fantastic!