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Craigslist Paypal Scam

So the Vitch is up for sale. Got this exchange of messages via text to my phone over the weekend.

(614) 407-5835: **Collector** 1971 Kawasaki G3TR – $2400 (Orem)  is this still for sale? jeniffer


me: Yes it is. I’ve been too busy to show it much.


(614) 407-5835: what is your last asking price i just wanna make sure its in good condition as im buying it for my cousin as a surprise and he doesn’t know about it, so can you assure me i will not be disappointed? why are you selling this do you have paypal account?


me: 2400 but I’m negotiable. Is certainly in good condition, spent the summer in the shop getting that way. You can see its history at springdew.com all posts tagged with Vitch.


me: Selling it because summer is over and my son doesn’t need it for next summer. I have my own.


me: If you have a friend who can test ride it for you, I am happy to let them.


(614) 407-5835:                             Im satisfied with your firm/advert price, As im requesting this transaction should be done via PayPal so the PayPal charges is on me.Payment will be made via PayPal only if you don’t have an account, its very easy, safe and secured log on to (www.paypal.com) im present out of town for my new project, so im sorry i will not be able to come look at it in person and that’s


Note: The message ends there on my phone but Google voice says the rest is, “the only reason why PayPal is the only payment option. I hope we can make the purchase as fast as possible?” Also the text format in the previous and next exchanges are exactly as sent.


me: The end of your last message got cut off. The last intact part is that you can’t come look at the Kawasaki in person. I do have Paypal.


(614) 407-5835:

That’s not a problem….Once i

make the payment i will not take

it away from your side until the

payment clears into your paypal

account then the pick up time can

be scheduled and the pick up

agent will
handle the shipping and all the

documentation……So kindly get

back to me with your paypal

name and email address so that i

can make the payment as soon as



My spidey sense said scam, right from the second contact, but I didn’t see how exactly such a scam would work. I decided to stop communicating until I could get online and look these phrases up to see if it is a scam. And apparently it is.

If I were to fall for this, they would send me a payment via Paypal that is way overboard “in error”, and then ask me to either give the excess to their agent or send it via Western Union.

Posting here so that anyone doing a text match as I did will find this article as well.

By the way, if you are wondering about my asking price, it’s a bit of a limiter. I’m open to negotiation, but I don’t want to deal with people who can’t offer more than $200. I caught a lot of that last time when I listed it for a more moderate price. However, it might just be too much of a limiter. I might drop it and list again. But not on Craigslist.

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