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Screencaps and Review for Asylum of the Daleks

Screencaps for Asylum of the Daleks are posted. Review is below the jump.

Monsters: oh yes. Thousands of Daleks and five or six human puppets.
Emotional Wank: 5 out of 10 for divorce and the issues that lead to it, plus delusional insanity.

Intended Destination: a clandestine meeting on Skaro, homeworld of the Daleks.
Actual Destination: a clandestine meeting on Skaro, then the Asylum, where all the insane Daleks with beautiful hatred are kept.

More info about Asylum of the Daleks in the TARDIS Index File.

My first-watch review is here.


  • Nick Hurran does it again. The angles, the mirror shots, objects in the foreground – so very much just sings, visually.
  • Music, again, fantastic. I love all the anvil noises in the bit with the Parliament.
  • “Don’t be fair to the Daleks when they’re firing me at a planet!”
  • Love the clanky clanky sounds as the doors open and close.
  • “They subtract love. Don’t let them.” That sounds like advice that would have helped me in the past.


  • The PM’s eyeball looks dry. And plastic.
  • Stupid, stupid Amy. Giving Rory up over not being able to have kids, and thinking it’s a greater sacrifice than he made. So stupid.

Comments, Questions, Speculation

  • I had never considered how much Dalek speech can light up a room. It gets pretty bright in there.
  • Ever wonder how much truly, truly new stuff the Doctor encounters?
  • “It is known that the Doctor requires compations.” The Daleks are always so sure of what they think they know. In fact, the Doctor doesn’t really get much assistance from companions at all on this journey, could have done it quite well enough on his own, as he has sometimes in the past. But the Daleks think they know everything. Reminds me of “Only the Doctor can pilot the TARDIS” and look where that bit of ignorance got us.
  • Fascinating that caution tape is universal. Even in a Dalek asylum.
  • I have to echo what’s being said in the message boards: why bother chaining up Daleks? It just doesn’t work! Wouldn’t the Daleks themselves know that?
  • When the Doctor says, “You are a Dalek,” I can see on his face, hear in his voice, so much disgust it’s heartbreaking. He knows it’s Oswin in there but he can’t hide that depth of feeling. It’s awful. There’s foreshadowing of that in the series of expressions he wears speaking with Darla right before the Prime Minister begins to speak with him. Disgust, rage, sympathy. Here the disgust is so much more dominant.
  • It’s been pitched that Oswin is part of a bigger plan to entrap the Doctor. That she was a bait too good to resist. But there was a lot of specualtion of that sort last year that didn’t pan out. It wouldn’t surprise me if this adventure were exactly what it appears to be.

Capping Notes

  • Couldn’t catch the Doctor playing air triangle, sorry.
  • Nor the red haired ballerina.

Raw Caps: 1246. Of course. It’s Nick Hurran.
Finished Caps: 427

Listen to the Blogtor Who Commentary for Asylum of the Daleks.

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