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First Watch: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Awesome! Details (spoilers, of course) below the jump.

  • Love Brian! Let me count some of the ways:
    • “Thank you, Arthur C. Clarke!”
    • Trowel!
    • Fighting off pterodactyl with trowel.
    • He’s the one who clues in on the gene chain.
    • Lunchtime on the TARDIS doorstep. That’s brilliant.
  • Amy was very different in this episode, and I like her better.
  • Back-to-back dinosaur gunning with the big game hunter. Oh hell yeah!
  • Neffie really don’t take no crap.
  • Rory don’t take no crap either from ridiculous robots. Love that.
  • Love that we get to see him do a bit of nursing.
  • How do you start a triceratops?!?!
  • When Neffie asks if the Doctor has a queen, why did Amy not give her the stern face and identify him as her son-in-law? The answer is of course yes.
  • I was hoping they’d find some Silurians stashed away somewhere. How sad.

Two thumbs up, and Rebar would be relieved that I can give it a 0 for emotional wank. There’s a bit of worry about the Doctor possibly disappearing forever and fussing that his visits are getting too far apart, but it’s so mild I don’t think it really counts.

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