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Big Finish and the Love of Eight

There’s quite a lot of discussion about Big Finish audio right now in /r/gallifrey which I suspect was spawned by the sale recently announced. Of course, novels and audio are the only ways to get to know the Eighth Doctor beyond the TV movie, so fans kind of gravitate toward him. I do, anyway. This thread is just full of the love of Eight, with some of the postings rather moving and poetic. Apparently these series bring more depth to the character and chart his progression from childlike wonder through all the phases of development that lead him to the Time War and result in Nine. I’m interested in how passionately these people love their Doctor and wonder if I might feel the same, should I get anything like this kind of exposure to him. It’s only likely to happen if Big Finish’s audio sale experiment turns out to bear lovely fruit and make this a venture I can financially manage.

Some folks just starting as I am down the audio path are asking what order to experience them in (in this post and in comments in other posts) and there’s good advice to be had, especially as I hear that Big Finish’s site is rather hard to navigate to get the right order for continuity. Huge thanks to brauchen for supplying this lovely list to help. Courtesy Wikipedia, here’s another helpful list.

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