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Adventures in Circular Gallifreyan, Part Eleventy-Eight

I’ve been learning Sherman’s Circular Gallifreyan system (alternate link here) and am starting to get the hang of it, but I’m still seeing stuff in methodologies that don’t conform to this system. Somewhere I tripped over a post where someone was asking how to write something, and the answer was phonetic, rather than spelling based. Confusion, then something happened and I got distracted, and you know how that — hot dog. I could really go for a hot dog.

Anyway, today I found out about another system called Greencrook’s which involves some more swirly bits and series of size-sorted circles. Here’s a sample:

I was having some trouble finding the how-to for this, though.

Fandom Entanglement to the rescue! Learn Gallifreyan in 13 Easy Timelines has them all! All of them. Event the WS font. Here I found that the interaction I had tripped over was BrittanyBGood’s “Doctor’s Cot” Gallifreyan. Interesting!

Plus a link to this thought-provoking post Ten Rules for the Gallifreyan Language. It explains so much, even why The Doctor can’t usually say squishy things.

Of course it was only a matter of time before these started turning up on T-shirts:

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