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Screencaps and Review for Smith and Jones

Screencaps for Smith and Jones are posted. Review is below the jump.

Monsters: yes, one Plasmavore. You could count the Judoon, I suppose, but I see them as people with a job to do.
Emotional Wank: 2 out of 10 for competing with Rose’s memory and drama about Dad’s girlfriend.

Intended Destination: none.
Actual Destination: modern London, and then the Moon.

More info about Smith and Jones in the TARDIS Index File.


  • Morganstern. Bless his baby face.
  • The Judoon ships. They are fantastic!
  • The lunar landscape by Earthlight.
  • Hoppy shoe manauver.
  • Planet Zovirax? Really? Was that supposed to get a belly laugh? Because it did. Ditto with “one hell of a fetish”.
  • Good old helmic regulator. I think that’s the object Harry twisted that landed them on the ark in space so long ago. I love references to older episodes.


Judging the level of oxygen in the hospital by what the gauge on the tank reads. Not even remotely pseudo-logical. Then again, I’m willing to accept that a single hacked MRI machine can fry the brain stems of half the Earth.

Comments, Questions, Speculation

  • Genetic transfer – how much trouble the Doctor could have saved if he’d just given her face a great big lick. But then where would all the drama come from?
  • Any particular reason aliens so often have to look like Earth animals?
  • I realize it would have cost a special effects fortune to have the Judoon bouncing about in the low gravity instead of tramping across, but I still would like to have seen it. It might have  been funny to see lunar gravity inside the hospital as well.
  • “Judoon platoon upon the moon” was written specifically as a prank on Tennant. It’s really tricky for a Scottish person to do -oon in an English accent.

Raw Caps: 278
Finished Caps:78

Capping Notes

So disappointed I could not capture either the Doctor taking off his tie in the morning or his display of the removed tie that evening. I like the cheap trick.

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