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Screencaps for New Earth


Screencaps for New Earth are posted. More below the jump.

Monsters: sort of. Nurse-cat-nuns who are no more monstrous than humans are. Infectious zombie-human-lab-rats who just need curing.

Emotional Wank: 4 out of 10 of the redemption type.

Intended Destination: New Earth.
Actual Destination: New New York on New Earth about the year 5 billion.

More info about New Earth at Wikipedia.

Raw Caps: 421
Finished Caps: 137

Capping Notes: Really, really unhappy with the quality of most of the caps. They looked just as poor from DVD as from Amazon digital, which is telling me it’s just the source materian in the pre-HD age getting next to me. What can you do?

Listen to the Blogtor Who Commentary for New Earth

Watch on Amazon:
New Earth

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