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Possibly Spoilery Toys

Via The Nerd Signal (to which Glassman threw me a link) comes word of possibly spoilery toys recently showcased at the London Toy Fair. The toys in question are by Character Options and are for role play. Because they may be spoilery, I won’t repost the images or descriptions here – please do follow the link. I will, however post my thoughts below the jump.

If these toys aren’t just made up out of the blue, and I get the feeling they’re not, I don’t think they’re spoilers for anything coming in Series 7. They look to me very much like things to come for the 8th Doctor going into the Time War. Seems to me they belong with the speculated-about costume change that was unveiled October 2010 but as far as I know hasn’t surfaced yet since. Here’s some video from the New Zealand reveal:

If true, and if presaging something coming out in video format, I could be getting really excited. But I suspect it has to do with print media or audio adventures.

I also agree that the personal TARDIS does seem very much like a prototype vortex manipulator, and that it could be involved with the genesis of the Time Agency. I’ve also often wondered but never out loud whether the Justice Department is possibly related to the Time Agency as well.

Not one to usually get excited about toys – I want these!

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