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Lots of Screencaps Posted

Just posted:

Screencaps for Boom Town

Screencaps for Bad Wolf

Screencaps for The Christmas Invasion

Screencaps for The Rebel Flesh

I didn’t overlook The Parting of the Ways, but the folder of images didn’t get weeded right away, so it should be ready next.

More information about all of these below the jump.

Thanks to multiple factors when these images were posted, I did not have info prepared for them. Sorry for the jumblyness.

Boom Town

Monsters: yes, one Raxicoricofallapatorian from the Slitheen family.
Emotional Wank: 4 out of 10 for attmpted guilt tripping.

Intended Destination: Cardiff, modern times.
Actual Destination: Cardiff, modern times.

More about Boom Town at Wikipedia.

Raw Caps: 571
Finished Caps: 98

Listen to the Blogtor Who Commentary for Boom Town.

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Boom Town

Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways

See more info about both Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways in this entry.

The Christmas Invasion

Monsters: yes, robot Santas and warfaring aliens.

Emotional Wank: 3 out of 10 about dealing with loved ones who change too much.

Intended Destination: London, mdern times.
Actual Destination: London, modern times.

More info about The Christmas Invasion at Wikipedia.

Raw Caps: 481
Finished Caps: 109

Listen to the Blogtor Who Commentary for The Christmas Invasion.

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The Christmas Invasion

The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People

Monsters: yes, one crazy lady with mutant type powers, unless you count humanity in general.

Emotional Wank: 2 out of 10 for what counts as life and what doesn’t.

Intended Destination: St. John’s Monastery, 21st Century (except the Doctor doesn’t admit this so it appears accidental to the Ponds)
Actual Destination: St. John’s Monastery, 21st Century

More info about The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People at Wikipedia.

Raw Caps: 771 for The Rebel Flesh, 361 for The Almost People
Finished Caps: 144 for The Rebel Flesh, 99 for The Almost People

Capping Notes

Even in HD, I’m still not completely happy with these caps. Far too many came out blurry still.

I suffered a setback that ruined the batch for The Almost People so they had to be done again.

Listen to the Blogtor Who Commentary for The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People.

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The Rebel Flesh
The Almost People
The Rebel Flesh [HD]
The Almost People [HD]

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