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Happy New Year!

Out! Out, evil yuckiness! I got a wicked cold right after Christmas that turned into a major production number, so being bedridden and mostly unconscious has impacted my opportunities for doing fun things and posting about them.

However, I received this, the coolest Christmas present ever!

It is indeed bigger on the inside, as you can see here:

Made by lovely and clever Tabitha. Love it!

I finally have the entirety of the 2005-present run of Doctor Who on my external hard drive. Legal and everything. I made a playlist, and the whole thing, not counting any prequels or minisodes, comes to 88 episodes for a runtime of 69.9 hours. Fantastic!

I have learned knitting (not biplanes) and am currently working on a scarf inspired by the 4th Doctor’s. Later I will do a for-reals replica involving one of Tara Wheeler’s wonderful patterns, but that can come after I’m better at it. Right now my edges are all wibbly.

My Wordboooker plugin seems to be broken or de-configured. Something else to figure out what the heck if I ever get the time. So if you’ve been relying on Facebook to tell you when I’ve posted, I’m sorry.

In the lovely world of videos, BBC America has posted these top 5 moments of Series 6. For the most part, I agree with their selections, especially #1.

Speaking of America, here are Graham Norton and friends being surprised at American Doctor Who fandom as described by Matt Smith:

And speaking of Matt Smith, here’s a video that proves the man can act. I truly do believe you could hand him a stack of recipe cards and he’ll show you a gripping saga. This is the minisode that students competed to write, and while it’s fun, it’s obviously what it says on the tin. That doesn’t stop our Matt from acting it beautifully.

And here are “What are you doing here?” moments from the beginning through 2008. I’d love to see this updated through Wardrobe – there was even one in that!

And this T-shirt made me LOL:

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