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T-Shirt Mania Update

Merry Christmas Eve!

RedBubble - The Girl Who Waited

RedBubble - The Girl Who Waited

I may have totally failed to post that I got this T-shirt in gold a few weeks ago:  Love it! I love to sew long sleeves into T-shirts for the layered look without the overheating. I happened to have a striped long-sleeved top in the two colors of Amelia’s hair in this illustration, so these sleeves have really worked well on this T-shirt. It’s a lovely combination.


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Shirts I Would Like to Have

In other news, everyone on the Internet seems to be so stoked for tomorrow. I have to be careful not to be. I don’t have a BBC America enabled location for the special, so I’ll have to wait for it to become available for download. That will probably be Boxing Day at the earliest.

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