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Amazon Unbox Issue

Provided the following to Amazon.com today by email but reposting here in case appearing in multiple locations helps get the word out.


My issue is resolved, but I had to find the resolution myself. Sending to you so you can add to your info for others.

I had really bad problems with getting videos to download. For the first couple of weeks everything was fine, but then my videos remained queued and would not begin downloading. I tried all the tips you give concerning firewalls, service providers, disk space, etc.

Finally I realized that my system had reassigned a drive letter when I had plugged in a DVD drive, and that is likely what threw off the player. I use an external hard drive and it was automatically given a new letter by Windows 7.

No matter how I reconfigured the player to download to whatever drive letter, the videos still would not download.

I did a “temporary uninstall” then reinstalled the player and imported my videos that were still existent on the external hard drive. I happened to notice in this process that the user configures the destination folder twice. This may be the problem as the installed player only has one location to edit this setting. If the setting needs to change, the player may become misconfigured.

Now Unbox is downloading just fine. The only place you mention reinstallation as a cure is in the section about playback, so I thought you should know this.

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