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Busy, Busy

Productive weekend. I capped 7.5 episodes, two of which have been culled through and are ready for upload. I did the 5.5 reviews as well, since there were two pairs of two-parters in there. I also added a count for Rory Death to the relevant episodes.

The cats love it when I go on a capping binge. They like to watch telly, too, especially Fez. Fez loves Daleks. I think it’s the way they jiggle about when they get agitated. So anyway capping time is snuggling time, which can become difficult when stray cat parts land on the keyboard, but that’s okay. Sometimes when I back up and take a scene again, that’s why.

I have not introduced my cats here. Fezzis Arkul (Fez) is about three months old as of this writing. Emergency Backup Kitten (Emmy) is seven years old now, hardly a kitten, really.

Have you jumped a shark when you blog your cats?

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