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Queues and Twitter

Tweaking up the site a bit. I’ve added a page with the three Great Big Queues of stuff to get screencapped. The order may seem a bit bizarre, but it’s pretty much in order of stuff that bothers me most by being missing/wrong first. I rotate between queues. Right now I’m at Victory of the Daleks and The Long Game, primarily because these are my experimentation subjects for optimizing the process. Yes, there are caps already from Series One that I’m unhappy with, but they go way, way at the end of the queue for replacing. They don’t bother me as much as others do.

It annoys me that I haven’t found a handy way to arrange the order of the pages in the top menu. That doesn’t seem to be configurable without diving into the code, and I can seldom trust my level of concentration quite that much.

Also, added some Twitter capability over there to the left. It was tempting to just load it with whatever the Daleks are saying. The make me ROFL all the time. Maybe one day I will make an entire page devoted to nothing but Dalek Twitter updates for the sheer glee of it. What a timesink it would be, because there are a LOT of them. Anyway the twitter stuff at the left is just a search result of the last 20 items about drwho or doctorwho.

Additionally, building more LIveJournal icons because I’m already tired of the few I have.

Aaaaaand installed a plugin to make the site decent for mobile devices. If it’s not working for you, can you please comment and let me know what sort of device and OS you’ve got?

Meanwhile downloading like a fiend and enjoying podcasts. Hope you are having as much fun as I am!

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