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I finally figured out how to do a couple of things in Piwigo that were not obvious nor easy to find help about, so that meant a romp through the gallery, and I am … not satisfied. The quality of the caps varies so wildly – some are magnificent, some are good, and some just suck. Some are dark, some are pixellated, some are blurry.  What’s annoying is that so many of these looked at least okay when I capped them on the netbook. But it’s a netbook. I thought 1024 x 600 was respectable but apparently I’m behind the times. Incidentally, the caps I got with my Mac Mini a little while back also vary a lot.

The point of this whining is to mention that I’ll be doing some Science soon to discover what format works the best, along with my new monitor, to get decent, solid caps, and then I want to work my way back in time getting those caps. HD from Amazon is a little hard to use because the netbook is underpowered. I’d like to see how it compares to DVD, but of course DVD is not available for everything yet, so we’ll see where I have to start. HD is only available for Series Five and Six anyway. If the regular TV (download) from Amazon looks decent, I may go that route for previous series. And I’m stunned at just how bad my DVD caps now look of Series One, Season 23, and the TV Movie. Was that about my DVD drive? My playback software? The netbook monitor? Yikes!

Anyway, if you’ve had an arbitrary tour through the gallery and found it a bit rubbish, I hear you, and I’m doing something about it.

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