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Some of the Action Figures I Want

  • Stetson Doctor with Dalek Eyestalk and Knitting for Girls <3 !!!
  • Tuxedo Doctor with Sonic Cane
  • Football Doctor
  • Doctor with Fez and Mop
  • Time Lord Victorious in Orange Spacesuit (or maybe Doctor from Satan Pit in Orange Spacesuit – they both work for me)
  • Pirate Amy with Cutlass
  • Two Streams Combat Amy with Katana and Sonic Probe
  • The Last Centurion Rory with Sword
  • Captain Williams
  • Timeglass Rorycam Rory

    Would. You. Care. For. Some. Teeeaaaaaaaaa?

  • Security Guard Rory with Maglite
  • Clerics Combat Uniform River
  • Spacesuit Professor Song (Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead … no desire at all to own her in the Apollo spacesuit)
  • Ironsides Dalek with Utility Belt (Utility Collar? Saddlebags?)
  • Sexy the TARDIS in Idris’ Body
  • Jackson Lake with Screwdriver
  • Covert Martha
  • Madame de Pompadour

It’s making me nuts. I’m sure there was an Amy from Series Five I wanted an action figure of, but I can’t recall it now. Fairly sure it wasn’t Kiss-o-gram Cop Amy.

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