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No, not this guy. Nine images.

As a point of interest, the gallery is now up to 1728 images. The screencaps folder for my desktop contains 1737 items. Which means I’m missing nine. Nine images. I’m an obsessive creature; how in the world am I going to resist looking for the missing nine images? 0.0051813471502591 of my collection. However will I cope?

By some amazing coincidence, nine of my images in the folder are for the Children In Need special. But no, I have all those right here. So it’s just an amazing coincidence.

I have four different naming conventions for files from The Eleventh Hour – could it be some of them are missing? They all add up to 67 images. Nope. The gallery also contains 67.

Thought it had been that hideous set of caps from a television awards ceremony that had a charming Doctor Who intro, but I nuked them all from everywhere for pixellation. They’re quite thoroughly gone.

This is a bit maddening.

Aha!  A Good Man Goes To War has only 205 instead of 214. Wow, that’s a lot. Usually it’s 50 to 100 or so for an episode. But it was an especially picturesque episode. Hm, which nine?

Found them! The entire exchange between Amy and Lorna Bucket during “the thing” had somehow escaped upload. They’re up now and all is right with the world. Well, mostly right. Many of the albums have order problems but I can’t solve everything at once can I?

This must be incredibly dull. I’m putting it behind a jump. So there.

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