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Redemption Story

Novice Hame's actions in Gridlock redeem her.

I distinctly remember writing this whole big entry about Doctor Who as redemption story, but heavens if I can find it now. That’s one of the most endearing things about the show. Lots of redemption stories, really. The crimes, the sins, the transgressions, they vary. But the message for people, human or not, is that we get a chance at redemption. Often, even more than one. We get to atone. And if we take it, we are forgiven. We get to make it right and come back to the fold, be a part of wonderful things again.

If you’re entirely evil, maybe this doesn’t matter, but if you’re not (and really, most of us are not) it may be something we’ve stopped letting ourselves hope for. The message is enormous and powerful.

(Spoiler below the jump.)

River gets something a bit new. She gets predemption. We know what she’s going to do and want to save her for that, not just to do it but to be the sort of person who would. That’s kind of amazing. It’s different from falling in love with someone’s potential, as codependents often do. It’s not that we know who she could be; we know who she is, and we want her to be that.

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