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by nuv0le-rapide

by nuv0le-rapide

Last night, I ganked with credit a load of new Doctor Who LJ icons, since there were only two on hand that that were quickly findable. Once upon a time the only reason to go looking for screencaps was to make LJ icons out of them. Nowadays I don’t make userpics; I gank them to use on posts about the Doctor Who screencaps captured for use as desktop backgrounds. Life is weird.

Finished the raw screencapping of The Girl Who Waited. 720 raw caps. A bit more than average. What a gorgeous episode!

I’ve got reviews for The Long Game and Closing Time that are partially complete.

I decided to wait on caps for Closing Time until I could get it on Amazon HD, which happened today so hopefully I can cap tonight.

Next up (I know I said this earlier but circumstances alter cases):

by quadrupled

by quadrupled

The other episodes in this post:

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