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Unresolved Questions So Far: Series Five and Six

Below the jump I’m accumulating a list of unresolved questions from last series and this one. If you spot one I missed, please don’t hesitate to comment!

  • Who or what took control of the TARDIS last year and blew it up to wreck the Universe?
  • Why did they do it? I’m thinking it’s part of the endless, bitter war.
  • Why didn’t River tell The Doctor that a creepy voice said, “Silence will fall,” just before the TARDIS blew up?
  • Was the girl who busted out of the spacesuit Melody?
  • If so, why didn’t River seem to remember it?
  • If so, what happened between the kidnapping and the busting out in Florida?
  • If so, what happened between the regeneration in the alley in New York and starting a new life as Amy and Rory’s best pal Mels in Leadworth?
  • If not, who is she?
  • Whether she is or not, how did she get a photograph of Amy and the baby? I don’t recall anyone taking snaps or Amy looking that happy at Demon’s Run.
  • What were the Silence going to use Amy for when they abducted her?
  • Did they know she was pregnant?
  • Did they know she was Flesh?
  • Was she Flesh yet?
  • Or was that what they were up to? The Doctor said they probably took her before America so that’s a bit confusing.
  • Who is in the spacesuit in the lake and kills The Doctor?
  • Will River make another attempt on his life, Lake Silencio or not?
  • Whose murder is River serving time for?
  • If it’s The Doctor’s, why did the Justice Department think she got away with it?
  • If it’s The Doctor’s, did she really do it or is she taking a fall?
  • What is the promise that she refers to as a reason to stay in prison?
  • Is Rory secretly involved in whatever is going on this year?
  • Is he keeping some other secret?
  • Is he a precog?
  • How does an endless, bitter war get started between The Doctor and Madame Kovarian (and whoever else she’s with)?
  • Why do the Clerics, the Headless Monks, and the Silence – three religious organizations – side against him?
  • What is the question that the Silence believe will be asked?
  • Do we care about what the answer to the question is?
  • Does the finale involve tea?
  • Does it involve the ability to solve a Rubik’s cube?
  • Compressed or accelerated time?
  • Separate timestreams?
  • Being able to affect reality, or time, through wishing?
  • A perception filter?
  • Intervention on the part of the TARDIS matrix?
  • The Justice Department and/or the (a?) Teselecta?
  • A sonic probe?
  • Flesh?
  • Does The Doctor himself actually get killed at the lake?
  • If not, does a Flesh avatar of him get killed there?
  • If he does, does a Flesh avatar of him carry on?
  • If so, what stabilizes it so it doesn’t go to goo?
  • If so, did it have a separate consciousness a la the acid mine?
  • If so, how did it get that way?
  • Has The Doctor been traveling by Flesh avatar since somewhere around Night Terrors?
  • If so, where is himself, actually, meanwhile?
  • How is Canton so sure it’s him getting killed at the lake?
  • Is Canton mistaken?
  • What was in The Doctor’s scary hotel room, besides a cloister bell?
  • What message did he whisper to Melody for River Song?
  • What are the rest of the rules?
  • What happens to The Doctor’s clothes for 200 years that they don’t fall apart when he wears them again to Lake Silencio?
  • Does The Doctor know his death is a fixed point? He can detect fixed points but does that work when the fixed point is your own death?
  • Does the Teselecta kill The Doctor, or whatever’s being The Doctor, at Lake Silencio? I don’t suspect the Teselecta of standing in for The Doctor because who/whatever that was, it burned like a body.
  • Am I just confusing myself now?
  • Is River’s relationship with The Doctor really more like reverse linear or is it more timey-wimey? We know it’s not strictly reverse linear because we’ve seen some time-wimeyness already. But how much of that will they get?
  • Do they get married?
  • If they get married, do they have to do it twice? If they’re more reverse linear, then they’ll need a wedding at each end, because each end is also a beginning.
  • Does River marry somebody else?
  • Is River’s wedding metaphorical, in a similar way The Doctor’s Wife was metaphorical?
Any more questions? Any speculation on the answers?

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