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Screencaps for Mindwarp, the second adventure in The Trial Of A Time Lord, are up. This is the adventure containing the controversial exit of the character Peri and an over-the-top performance of Brian Blessed as King Yrcanos. Also featured is Trevor Laird playing security chief Frax. He returned to Doctor Who later as Martha Jones’ dad Clive.

The Door That Cost More Than Nicola Bryant

Nicola Bryant notes in the commentary that the rental of the door to the lab exceeded her own pay, which became something of a joke around the shoot. Likewise the fabric used in the making of her pink patterned wrap.

I vaguely almost remember this episode, particularly the shock when Peri’s bald-headed body rises from the bed with Kiv’s mind in it. The original storyline called for Peri to completely die in this episode but in the last episode of the Trial arc, lines were added that included Peri’s fate as one of the things misrepresented in the Matrix. The Inquisitor tells The Doctor that Peri is alive and well as Queen to King Yrcanos.

I do like the interaction between Peri and Yrcanos, as she explains what love is and learns to mellow out some of his enthusiasm for battle. The caps I got reflect some of that.

There is an amusing moment when the scientist Crozier is having tea and the patient (subject?) goes into cardiac arrest. The man of science bolts the rest of his tea, but calmly, before beginning a vigorous set of chest compressions. It’s important to have your priorities straight.

Otherwise – not my favorite set of episodes.

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