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1350 Let’s Kill Hitler Raw Caps

So, (I know someone who really hates it when you start off with, “So …” But I’ve been doing it for so long it’s quite a part of me, so he’ll just have to not look.) the raw capture phase for Let’s Kill Hitler resulted in 1350 raw captures. Your average classic storyline will yield 75 to 100 maybe; those weren’t so picturesque. Your average contemporary episode gives between 300 and 700 perhaps. After the culling they are fewer of course. See The Process for the whole … well … process.

This episode was so gorgeous and also so emotionally charged, my capturing finger twitched 1350 times. Now, I watched this episode four times before I started capturing, twice just to fully absorb it and twice to get a feel for what parts I wanted, so it wasn’t all fresh and everything.

Obsessed, you say? Really?


By the way, love it!

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