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Podcasts And Stupid Mistakes

Alas, no screencaps of The Girl Who Waited yet. I’m having a bit of a skirmish with Paypal on the topic of paying iTunes right now and I feel really red-eyed-Ood about it.

However, I can download all sorts of podcasts and boy have I ever. Several of them you can find in the Links section over to the right, and I’m evaluating several more before linking to them. One of them I heard about from another of them (can I possibly be more vague?) and am looking forward to it tremendously, as it seems people Behave Badly and with some lack of sobriety. Could be fun!

Next up for screencaps:

  • The Long Game (or, Adam’s Stupid Mistake)
  • Father’s Day (or, Rose’s Stupid Mistake)
  • The Empty Child (which leads to …)
  • The Doctor Dances (or, Jack’s Stupid Mistake. Well, Nancy’s Stupid Mistake also, I suppose.)

Altogether it’s the Stupid Mistake Disk. If this disk were someone’s introduction to Doctor Who, they might think the whole show is about people making stupid mistakes. Good thing that’s not the case, although people do!

If I can get things sorted, there may be screencaps soonish for The God Complex as well.

Apropos nothing: I want a River Song perm. That’s never gonna happen, is it?

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