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Two More Thoughts About The Girl Who Waited

Have been doing some behind-the-scenes work on the blog lately, so not so much to post today. However, I have been cogitating, as am wont to do, and two more things could use mentioning about The Girl Who Waited.

Spoilers, of course.

The Doctor did say something else that falls into the speculation category. Older Amy decides to defy causality, to do otherwise than she distinctly remembers seeing herself do in the timestream, which should not be possible.  The Doctor says, “Yes, except sometimes knowing your own future is what enables you to change it. Especially if you’re bloody-minded, contradictory, and completely unpredictable.” Surely The Doctor is thinking of himself here. But does he know that his own death is a fixed point, like Pompeii and Mars’ Bowie Base One? Or does he figure his is just any old death?

Secondly, someone pointed out that two Amys have existed on the TARDIS before, in the “Space” and “Time” mini-episodes. I don’t know how canon those are supposed to be, being Comic Relief specials and all, but in that case, they were only a minute or two apart in the timestream, so could the “inertia” (not really, but if it helps, yes, inertia, or maybe drag) of only two minutes’ worth of time displacement be a bit more tolerable than 36 years’ worth of it? Oh but that was compressed time, wasn’t it, so it could have been something much less in uncompressed time.  But still greater than a couple of minutes.

Ooh my head’s starting to hurt.

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