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Ah so it seems by TV viewing season is coming to a close. I think this is the first year in forever I've actually -had- a TV viewing season. Still don't have a TV though. I do it mostly with Hulu.

Just saw the season finale of House. One more episode of Bones. No more episodes of Outsourced ever, ever (sob). And only two more episodes of Doctor Who left before a summer hiatus.

Edit: Wrong - there are no more episodes of Bones. I was hideously misinformed. Weep.

Every year about midway through the season I say I'm going to stop watching House, because some of his crap gets old. The character is an addict; he does addict crap. It's tiring. But for some reason I just keep watching. This last episode was kind of satisfying, somehow.

Bones has been nice and weird and interesting. Except for the blatant in-episode car advertising. That's just offensive. Otherwise, I've enjoyed how the characters have grown and deepened. I've enjoyed how these past two episodes have gone, and that the show has not been shoving SEX! and ROMANCE! into our faces. A quiet fact quietly became a fact, and I truly like that. Sweet and subtle.

Oh Outsourced, we hardly knew thee. Just when Pinky was getting really, really interesting, and Ajeet was revealing his secret love for Madhuri, just when it looked like Asha's perfect marriage-to-be might wither on the vine after all. Alas. And those people were freaking funny!

Doctor Who, my true love. Loving this series quite a lot. Last year was fairly mixed feelings for me, but Matt Smith seems to have settled fully into his character now, and so far every ep has been a winner. Visually stunning too. And emotional. They really do good work with characters over there, people you're never going to see again - they're not just templates.

So it's good that TV is wrapping soon, because I've got a lot of stuff to do and need to do it. Fun stuff. Cool stuff.

PS Yes I know. Torchwood is coming. Sigh. I won't be able to resist it either, probably.
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