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Doctor Who images and belly fat

Now up to 602 desktop images of Doctor Who. Many are screecaps from the current and last season series. There are a few screencaps from the last couple of Tennant episodes, and the rest are official BBC desktops going all the way back to Hartnell. I wish BBC desktops in general didn't suck so badly; then there wouldn't be a need for all the screencaps.

In other news, springtime is here and I'm ready to do something about my body. I've been growing quite alarmed at the recent increase in the pudge on my belly, with all the attention on belly fat lately. Oddly, I'm 10 pounds lighter than I was this time last year, but much more pudgy. Maybe that old muscle-vs.-fat weight thing?

Anyway I am happy to note via Harvard Health Publications that the belly fat attention has to do with visceral fat - the sort of fat that's not immediately under the skin. It's the kind you can't grab readily with your hands. Whew. All my pudge is grabbable, so that's a bit of a relief, but I still don't want to have it.

At least it's not all knobbly fat like on my butt and thighs. I kind of admire smooth fat on a person, but the lumpy bumpy sort is not so great and I have tons of it. Since I don't know of any way to get fat to change characteristics, my only hope is to trim it down in general. Phooey.

Plug for SparkPeople.com! They do make it easy to choose foods. I can track what I ate so far, avoid what I've had too much of and make up what I'm lacking. Like, right now I'm okay on calories in general and fat and protein. I could use some more carbs today, so my supper will be more grain based than otherwise. Yesterday I got enough carbs early on so I finished the day in the protein/fat direction.
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