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Romance Etc.

Some time has passed and I'm still weirded out about being single. Up until this period, I had been involved in at least one committed relationship at a time since I was 18. The vibe is there that my HP wants me to Get Over Things before the next relationship - to truly let go the past and be ready for the present.

So weird.

My 20s were characterized mostly by my seductions upon others.

My 30s were (mostly) characterized by succumbing to other people's seductions upon myself, with the odd falling-into-it-sideways going on.

My 40s don't seem to be fitting either pattern. Older and a bit more scarred, I don't feel the overwhelming urge to attract a mate the way I once did, and they're not exactly flocking around me either.

So very weird.

But maybe this is good. I think I was doing it wrong.
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