Spring Dew (springdew) wrote,
Spring Dew


I am sort of back. There is netbook and wifi and so I hail you from the RV park in which I live in half a leaky ancient RV. Only half is heated for economy's sake, which is good for also keeping the leak in the other half under some semblance of control. At least when the weather in UT is freezing, which it should be but isn't lately.

Still mostly posting to Facebook, as that's generally fastest, easiest, and most people-reaching. However, it's not so good for pondering aloud or flights of exposition. Still working for the same entity as before. More active than ever in the SCA. Enjoying dry weather. Enjoying a much improved relationship with my family of origin. Enjoying a much improved relationship with my ex and his wife, and with my children.

Still learning how to make friends. This is incredibly difficult, but there's progress.

Learning to enjoy singleness, a truly weird thing since I've been involved in at least one relationship at a time my entire adult life. Learning to enjoy moments, especially moments of clarity. Learning to identify denial, illusion and delusion, and other sanity-eaters for what they are and defuse them accordingly. Receiving a richer, more fulfilling life as a direct result.

So, another few years on the shoestring and then what, I don't know. But I'm happy, and that's good.
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