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Cold-ass Hill and Other Stuff

Cold-ass hill in Lindon

I don't know what the deal is. Every night, on the way home, I head north on State Street there, and just past the Smoking Apple, headed downhill, the temp drops something like 30 degrees. It's freaking weird. Just a little ways past the map store, it's all better again. I've been going under the assumption that there's a creek or something over there keeping the area cool, but I looked at Google Maps today and din't see no creek.

What the heck?

Utah observation #81: they don't have squeezy bottles of lime juice here. But they do have squeezy bottles of grenadine. What for? I can't stop obsessing over the lack of lemon hummus. Great. Now I'm starving.

The hefty female form is more prevalent here. I've been trying to think of a less crass way of saying it, but can't really think of one: I feel much better about my body here. I am frequently one of the thinner women in any given area.

The agent from the District of Marriage in Sweden now has all the info she needs to finish up the divorce paperwork. Maybe it won't be that much longer before we have a ruling. I don't know why knowing whether I am technically single or not is so important to me.

My thoughts are with someone who had a stroke very recently, and their lover, family, and friends. It freaking sucks a lot, but I am so glad they didn't die. Rehab is going to be a bitch, but everyone is cheering for them. I think the person is a lot more loved and esteemed than they think they are.
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