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Ugh. I've thrown out the hot dogs from which I partook last night. My body is a painful, spasmodic wreck. Drugs and fluids are helping, but I still hurt all through the middle and shake like a Chihuahua.

This is the Sunday a month I usually do visiting at the nursing home with the people from St. Andrew's Episcopal, but it ain't happening today. Instead I've been lolling on the memory foam listening to felisandthechop, catching up on FB and LJ, and occasionally getting up to move the laundry around because it just can't be helped.

My adolescent spawn are down for the summer and having a pretty good time. They've just left to hang out with friends. Anyway, we're bonding quite well. It's almost like old times. Old times being prior to 5 years ago. Only now, very little ticks me off anymore.

The Great Move to Utah is on again. This time it's in writing, so maybe it'll happen. I actually applied for and received a demotion to make this happen, which is weird in every way, but whatever gets the mission accomplished works for me. I'll be pulling out of Lake Worth first week of August.

I'm going to seriously miss Lake Worth. Just like Monterey was for me a shining jewel that made living in California entirely worth it, so also with Lake Worth and South Florida. I so badly didn't want to be in this part of the country, but this town is a precious, wonderful town. I'm going to miss it acutely, even after I find something to fall in love with in the mountains.

Ok, now I'm going to listen to an audiobook on my dollar-store mp3 player while ripping another on Señor Lappy to prep it for load-up. Heh, side effect of the job change - I have to give back Señor Lappy and the Windows Mobile smart phone. That doesn't break my heart at all. The Mac Mini can't come with me, so I'll be completely computerless on the other side, and actually looking forward to it.

Everything changes.
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