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I can't believe how bad my eating was. I knew it was bad, sure. On fish-and-chips days I knew I was way over the max on calories and fats. That doesn't take big brain power.

But on non-fish-and-chips days, I was doing something peculiar that didn't show up until I logged it. Thanks to the resources at http://sparkpeople.com I had the information and analysis to see it clearly.

I was suffering all the time because I wasn't getting enough calories. I was falling somewhere between 800 and 1400 calories a day, when the regular amount is about 2,000.

And yet, the majority of those calories were from fats. One sausage and egg croissant was tanking most of the day's allotment of fats. My heavy reliance on butter, mayo, and peanut butter weren't helping either.

So now I have to change everything to figure out how to get enough calories without fats. It's challenging but some days I make it. Add to that a half hour of cardio every day, and I'm feeling much better. Dunno if the weight will ever come off, but even if it doesn't, just to someday feel more or less like I used to would be such a reward. Being able to use my body as a tool and a vehicle instead of a sack of sandbags would be just brilliant.
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